Bogota compared to Medellin: Choosing Where to Live-in Colombia

Bogota compared to Medellin: Choosing Where to Live-in Colombia

In my opinion it’s a truth in the most common places, where second city keeps an intricate that have it is government. This is the instance with Chicago vs New york, Manchester versus London, and Melbourne against Questionnaire. It is no different inside the Colombia.

Medellin is like it generally does not have the detection they is really worth off new customers off Bogota, and in turn they make it obvious its distaste for their “larger, cooler, unsightly, and polluted” sister.

The fresh funny situation having intercity rivalries is the fact that the huge urban area barely pays attention into the competition. It in fact always pay comments into the features out of its compatriot. Which is valid which have Colombia’s two largest urban centers.

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Rolos (the fresh nickname to have Bogota owners) are hardly heard claiming things bad throughout the Medellin. Actually, when expected what they consider the City of Endless Spring, three things are always said: it’s stunning, the women is stunning, additionally the temperature is higher. (Which can be the truisms.)

Query a similar question so you can Paisas (Medellin people) therefore the same cannot be told you. The dislike to possess Bogota is near common in Medellin. The overall a reaction to “Exactly what do you see Bogota?” out of good Paisa is actually: brand new weather’s cold, the folks is unfriendly, together with ladies are unattractive.

The latest funny fact, but not, is that many of the participants have never also went to Bogota. The answer is so common inside the Medellin it is become instilled inside without having educated the town on their own. …