Long-Term Open to Short: The Balanced Believers

Long-Term Open to Short: The Balanced Believers

While profiles can tell you a lot about the people behind them, they also leave a lot up to guess work. Does he own that car? Is that her kid? Did he really catch that fish?

While we get it, a bit of mystery is sexy, some questions are more important than others. People have their dealbreakers for a reason, and some compatibility mismatches are better off being discovered as early as possible.

The fundamental question of “What Kind Of Relationship Are You Looking For?” should ideally be answered before the first message is ever sent. While it can be hard to be upfront about something so personal, Tinder’s six relationship tags make it easy and painless to be transparent with your intentions. Which is better for everyone.

The Relationship Tags

While we’ve established that clarity is a great thing in online dating, some may be a bit confused about what the tags actually mean. What if you’re not sure where you fall? Can possible relationship types be encompassed within just six categories? W hether you’re searching for your soulmate, a short-term fling, or just a few new friends, we’ve made it simple to figure out with one to tap.

See below for a breakdown of each of Tinder’s relationship tags– what kind of relationship each one means and which one is best for you.

Long-Term Partner: The min karibiska fru Committed Romantics

If you’re a firm believer in “happily ever after” and are ready to dive headfirst into real love, the Long-Term Partner relationship tag is your calling. These individuals are in it for the long haul, looking for a soulmate to build a future with. Expect serious questions and a quest for compatibility. If marriage is on your radar, or you’re done with dating around, this tag is the one to choosemitment is in the air!

For those who are searching for commitment but aren’t tied down to a specific outcome, the Long-Term Open to Short relationship tag might be your ideal choice. …